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Licensed Speech Language Pathologist 

Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant

Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant

My name is Misha; I was blessed to be welcomed into the Lyttle Fox Therapy family by Sharon and Niki in 2005, as a new peds Occupational therapist.  It was also a new and blossoming clinic, but I knew I had found a very special, caring, dedicated, honest, collaborative place to learn and grow; to bring everything I could to our clients and families.  Eighteen years later and lots of growth as a clinic,  has only brought us all closer together with keeping that valuable “family” collaboration between the owners, therapists and our clients and families.   Lyttle Fox Therapy is a blessing to our community, it’s children and all us therapists who have found a place we can grow and help our kids shine.  Misha

I am so blessed to work at Lyttle Fox therapy. The hometown- family oriented feel can not be beat. When they say "the people make your workplace"; it's true. We have the best bosses who truly want to see all their therapists and patients succeed in life. I know Lyttle Fox will be my work home for a very long time. I am able to create a healthy work-life balance, which you can't say at many places. I am so blessed and thankful God placed me right here with this amazing team! Beth B

Lyttle Fox is a breathe of fresh air in regards to Pediatric Therapy. The clinic is set-up for Pediatric Therapy specifically and this enables the therapist to provide the very best therapy for their little patients. It is a place where everyone feels accepted and included. An amazing place to work for new or seasoned therapists due to the collaborative environment between therapists and families. The owners truly care about each employee and patient. The flexibility provided working here has been invaluable to my family and I. I highly recommend them to anyone needing Pediatric Therapy or a therapist wanting to work in Pediatrics. Tiffany

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