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Speech Language Pathology

Pediatric Speech Therapy Lyttle Fox Therapy LLC

Speech-Language Pathology is a healthcare field that specializes in improving a

client's verbal and nonverbal communication abilities. Children may have speech

and language delays as their only area of concern. However, they may also

experience delays related to other diagnoses including: autism, Down Syndrome,

cleft lip or palate, hearing impairment, developmental disorders, or other

congenital conditions.



Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) diagnose and treat a variety of speech,

language, voice, and swallowing challenges.They focus on the areas of:

* Speech (articulation of specific sounds)

*Language (auditory comprehension and verbal expression)




*Pragmatics (social language skills)


SLPs often target: the ability to express wants/thoughts/needs, understanding

verbal language, engaging appropriately with peers in social settings, and

targeting speech sound production to improve intelligibility of speech. To achieve

these goals: a total communication approach is used, involving any or all of the

following methods to promote communication including: verbal output, signing,

picture exchange communication system, and augmentative/alternative communication.

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