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Lyttle Fox has blessed our lives! Due to ongoing complications with reflux, our precious angel has developed strong aversions to solid foods. With Sharons help, we have come miles from where we began six short months ago. Not only has Sharon helped our daughter face her fears and slowly overcome them but she has built a lasting relationship with her and myself. During our sessions Sharon has also been extremely helpful to me...allowing me to put it all in perspective and assuring me that my girl is getting what she needs. She is working with our child but eliminating our greatest fears at the same time! Thank you Lyttle Fox!
--Wendy Pillow

Our Son Braden has been seen by Lyttle Fox since he was 9 months old. He was born at 24 weeks 0 days and had a variety of needs. Lyttle Fox has provided OT, PT, feeding and speech therapy. Since beginning therapy we have seen great improvement in Braden's skills. We have learned so much on how to help him overcome his delays. He has had numerous surgeries that could have slowed down his development. However, the continued therapy and social interaction with his therapist has helped him progress so much quicker than would be expected of a child who has been through so much. Braden's hip dysplasia and trach have been two of his biggest obstacles. Lyttle Fox has seen him through both of these physical issues. They've assisted him in learning to walk and crawl even with his brace. They worked with him during his time in a spica cast and we were all amazed at how well he did once the cast was removed. We truly believe that continued therapy built his core strength and allowed him to progress much quicker than he would have without therapy. Braden also learned how to walk right before he was decannulated. Had he not received such great care from his therapist, he may have had to relearn to walk after surgery. Again he did great and was able to walk with no real setbacks after an entire week of being in the hospital. Braden's OT skills have progressed tremendously as well. His eating even with the trach was much better than some of his peers. Even ones without trach's. I believe the specialized care given by Lyttle Fox has played a major role in Braden's successes. They really take the time to get to know your child and tailor their care to meet their needs and help them succeed.
--Stephanie Harris

The therapists at Lyttle Fox have always been honest and encouraging with their assessments of our son, Troy. Through early intervention, we are thrilled with the progress he has made in such a short period of time.
Niki Fox and Sharon Lyttle, along with the team of therapists they have assembled, are an amazing group of compassionate professionals dedicated to serving the children entrusted in their care. Our son, Troy, has made great progress with speech, occupational and physical therapies. We are forever grateful for the positive and life-changing impact Lyttle Fox Children's Therapy has made in our lives.
We also wanted to say something about the perspective you and many of the Lyttle Fox therapists bring to their work every day. There are so many of you who have faced serious challenges with your own children (You and Gavin, Rachel and Tyler, Sharon and her girls.. even Kim Bush told me one of her boys had taken speech therapy) -- and we think that's part of what is so very special about your clinic, Niki... you are coming from a very personal place while you are serving the needs of others. We think that kind of empathy and compassion is very unique to you all. We just wanted you to know that we appreciate what you do and do not take it for granted.
-- Trey and Lorrie White

I met Sharon Lyttle and Niki Fox in 2005 right after my son was diagnosed with autism. Today, he is a "typical" first grader attending a regular school with no assistance. The knowledge and depth of the Lyttle Fox team and the dedication and commitment they provided were keys to my son's success. Just as important was the emotional support and compassion they gave me through some of my darkest hours. Amazingly, long after their doors close for the day, these ladies are still at work providing assistance in outreach programs through the community and church lending their gift to all children. I will always consider them a part of my family.
--Terryl Wood

I would like to take a moment to let you know how amazing Lyttle Fox Therapy has been for our daughter, Bishop. It is so hard to say in a few words how wonderful Bishop's therapists at Lyttle Fox Therapy are.
Bishop is fighting an inoperable brain tumor. Many side effects on top of fighting cancer include chronic pneumonia, and the use of a trach and g-tube. Bishop has had stroke-like symptoms causing the left side of her body to be weak. I would like to state that if it weren't for the trust, love, and respect Bishop has for her therapists at Lyttle Fox Therapy, she would have given up on life's opportunities over a long time ago. For example:
Shortly after Bishop received the max dosage of radiation treatments to her brain, she started having stroke-like symptoms. The usage of her left side was very weak. Bishop started seeing both Jodi Ball and Sharon Lyttle twice a week. From not being able to lift her arm high or squeezing an object, Bishop has come a long way thanks to the hard work of Jodi and Sharon. She lifts things she could barely grasp before and has great aim at throwing objects. Bishop will tell you that she wants to be an Occupational Therapist after having fun with the activities these two ladies had with Bishop while working on building her strength.
Bishop was in a wheel chair after nearly losing her life in 2010. For almost 6 months, Kim Bush worked with Bishop twice a week. It was probably the hardest of the therapies Bishop endured. Kim's hard work & patience with Bishop and Bishop's trust of Kim helped our daughter to walk again. This includes being able to do a simple jump. Something Bishop had not been able to do even as a toddler. People to this day cannot believe how well Bishop is able to walk around when they thought she may never do so again.
During the same time she was fighting for her life, Bishop had trach surgery along with receiving a g-tube. This was because she would aspirate upon eating/drinking causing the chronic pneumonia. Bishop could not talk for over a month. Bishop's Speech Therapist, Kelly Van Hoven, would work on different speech exercises with her. Kelly also worked closely with Bishop's doctors and nurses when she would have swallow studies and vocal cord surgery. Kelly would closely exam the reports on how best to work around the trach issue. Bishop will now talk up a storm and can even sing, an ability she had also lost. Kelly is currently working on exercises to strengthen Bishop's throat muscles in hopes of being able to eat and drink again soon.
Bishop has been to Lyttle Fox Therapy for close to a year-and-a-half. Her therapists came to our house during the worst times of Bishop's fight to help ease the process of making her better. Even when she started showing improvements, if her blood counts were too low from chemo, it was never a problem to come to our house in efforts to keep Bishop from getting sick.
Now, she is able to go to the office as she loves all the fun equipment to work with. When you are there, you can see all the therapists working hard with other patients. You feel at ease and are able to laugh and smile with everyone there. There is a warm, family-friendly atmosphere at Lyttle Fox Therapy. I would recommend them to anyone who needs their services. They are a wonderful group of therapists that we too consider friends. Thank you Jodi, Sharon, Kim, and Kelly for making Bishop feel like a normal child again. Her confidence and self-esteem really shine! We are forever grateful.
--Allison Mikaelian - Bishop's Mom

I am the proud mother of two wonderfully unique and beautiful autistic children. My sons have been receiving treatment for years from Lyttle Fox Therapy for speech and Occupational therapy.
I personally can not say enough to honor Lyttle Fox.
They are a wonderful group of women who genuinely care for their clients and families.
What I have always appreciated most about them was the sparkle in their eyes when they interact with my children. They don't just do a job they enjoy working with our children. They treat in a holistic manner, helping children mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Along our journey they have also been a shoulder, a counselor and a support friend to me as well.
They have been a blessing to our family, and I would gladly and wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone With special needs children.
--Karen Sipes

It is truly difficult to find adequate words to express my gratitude for Lyttle Fox. My son has a rare speech disorder. When he was a toddler I worried every single night about his future. When he went to preschool, I walked him inside each day and then sat in the car crying, worried that his peers would ostracize him and his teacher would dismiss him because they couldn't understand what he was saying. I can now happily report that I just dropped him off for his first day of first grade where he is thriving. We still have a little way to go, but this was possible with the continued support of his amazing SLP who showers him with love, kindness, and skill.
-Christa S

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