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Our Occupational Therapists at Lyttle Fox Therapy are trained in specific techniques, programs and interventions to address sensory processing disorders. Many parents and doctors are unfamiliar with these symptoms. Kids with sensory processing issues behave in ways that their parents often find confusing. They might react strongly to loud noises or bright lights or complain that their clothes are uncomfortable. They may be clumsy or have trouble with fine motor skills like fastening buttons. Some kids show extreme behaviors like screaming when their face gets wet.  These behaviors happen because the child is having trouble processing the information they receive from their senses. Hyposensitive kids need more sensory stimulation. They often love to move around and crash into things. Hypersensitive kids avoid strong sensory stimulation and get overwhelmed easily. Some kids fluctuate between the two! Our occupational therapists are trained to evaluate and treat sensory issues that have an effect on motor skills, behaviors, attention, self-regulation, and self-care.

Sensory Processing Intervention

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